Atlanta Silk Sheets Cycle Route

Silk Sheets one of our FAVORITE places to ride...along with tons of other Atlanta Cyclists!  The roads provide nice rolling hills to help with hilly race preparation, the local church and gas station are welcoming to cyclists, and motorists are accustomed to seeing us on the roads making it a safer place to train.  With all of this said we would love to KEEP this jewel in pristine condition so we are including some tips/tricks below.

STARTING/PARKING LOCATION: (See alternate parking at end)

Campbellton United Methodist Church

"A Small Church With a Big Heart"

8650 Georgia 92, Fairburn, GA 30213

Pastor:  Brett D. Isernhagen

Pastor Brett's Cell Number: ​912-674-4935

Church Office Number: 770-964-9083

You can park at this small church during NON-CHURCH hours.  PLEASE put a donation into the donation box.  They support us and it is vital that we support them.  They are a small church and could use our support.  Be courteous to your fellow cyclists by parking close to the car next to you to provide more space for others.  Do NOT leave any trash!  Do not go over to the picnic table/woods area and pee.  (Seriously!) No Parking signs have recently been added to Church Street (the road between the Texaco and the church) so do NOT park there.  You can instead go across Campbelltown Fairburn Road and park on the right side of the street there. (See alternate parking suggestions and maps below)

There is a great Texaco gas station across from the church (3939 Cascade Palmetto Hwy (Campbellton Fairburn Rd.), Fairburn, GA 30213).  Little known fact...the very first Walking Dead episode was filmed at this gas station!  They have two clean restrooms.  I try to always buy my extra water, banana, and gas from them to keep them happy that they support us.  Consider topping off the gas in your tank while there. those who support us!!

​Routes:  There are many route opportunities in the area.  Just google "Silk Sheets Rides" and you will find some.  You can also find routes on  I particularly like the "6c" 34/50 mile loop.  The key for all of these routes is to follow the way the tip of the 6 is pointed for your turns.  The 50 mile "6c" route will take you to Roscoe's Gas Station and then past it to a little loop (the lollipop in local lingo) before returning to Roscoe's and the ride home.  If you follow the "6c" route to Roscoe's and then do NOT add the small loop but return to the church following the 6c markers  you will do approximately 37 miles.  If you go from the church to Roscoes and straight back then you will do approximately 32 miles.  If you  follow the 6c route and add the "6h" loop behind Roscoes you will be at approximately 62 miles.

Turn right from the church parking lot for the following routes:

12 Mile Loop:  "6m"

25 Mile Loop:  "6s"

50 Mile Loop: "6c"

Atlanta Cycling - Vinings Route:  Turn left from the parking lot and follow white "6" for 25


Need 75 miles?  Do the 6c and then when you return head back out for the 6s.  Play with it and be creative. Search online there are MORE options than what I have listed here! Most importantly...have fun, be courteous, and be safe!

Alternate Parking:

On the right side of church road (on the other side of 92) you can park.  There is also a cleared field over there owned by Charlie (Texaco Owner) that you can park on.

Cochran Mill Park:

$5 Parking Fee

Hours: Gates open at 7 am

6875 Cochran Mill Rd, Palmetto, GA 30268
Located on the West side of Cochran Mill Rd. between Rivertown & Wilkerson Mill Roads (by the rumble strips on Cochran Mill Road).  It has parking, restrooms, and hiking trails.  If you park here you would turn left on Cochran Mill Road and follow the 6c markings.  If you want to skip the out and back to the church then when you get to the Cochran Mill Road/Cedar Grove (70) 4 way stop turn left and continue to follow the 6c route.

Wilkerson Mill - Farris Park:
8095 Wilkerson Mill Road, Palmetto, Georgia 30268

This park has restrooms and a small track. As you leave the park you will turn left on Wilkerson Mill Road.  You will pass over Cascade Palmetto Highway.  When you get to Cochran Mill Road turn right onto Cochran Mill Road and follow the 6c Route.  To skip the out and back to the church, and continue the 6c route,  turn Left at the intersection of Cochran Mill Road and Cedar Grove Road.  On your return trip remember to turn Right onto Wilkerson Mill Road to return to the park.  See maps below.

6c Route

This route takes you from the church to Roscoe's Gas Station (~17 miles), through a small loop behind Roscoe's Gas Station, and then back to the church on an alternate route.  The entire route is 50 miles.  If you do NOT take the small loop behind Roscoe's then the route is ~34 miles.  You can find this route on HERE.

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