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Silk Sheets Annual Trash Pick-up Day

It is our chance to say "Thank You" from the bottom of our hearts (or bike chains) to the community around Silk Sheets where we ride our bikes. (Learn more about the routes HERE). To do so we are organizing a day to give back to them by collecting trash off the roads. We will be recyling bottles and cans to raise money for another project in the area.  

We will ask that everyone wear something that identifies them as a friend on a bike (i.e. bike jersey and bike helmet, triathlon top and bike helmet, basically anything and bike helmet). We will meet at Campbellton United Methodist Church at 8:00 am and then split out from there. This day we will work to clean the trash up on HWY 10 between South Fulton and the Church as well as Cochran Mill Road and the church.

Please spread the word! We really want to make a positive impact on the community by doing our part to make it a more beautiful place. Your help is greatly appreciated!

NOTE: We are purposely making this towards the END of triathlon and cycling season so that everyone can participate. Please spread the word!! #BeBraveBeBadass

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