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Operation Caryn's Smiles - A Word From Caryn

"I loved the idea of Operation Caryn's Smiles as soon as I heard it. I am 35 years old and I have struggled with my weight for all of my adult life. As a kid and teenager, I was involved with sports year round, so I always got plenty of exercise. When I entered college, I went through spells where I would exercise and I played intramural ball, but my eating habits were garbage! After college, exercise was no longer a priority and the eating habits didn't change, so I began to pack on the pounds. Sadly those pounds are much easier to pack on than they are to come off. 

I have been embarrassed to exercise in public because I feel like everyone is looking at the "fat girl" and wondering what she is thinking being out here..."READ MORE

* Special thanks to Mike Fielding for the Operation "Caryn's Smiles" logo design!!

Operation Caryn's Smiles - @EnduredGirl's Perspective

Operation Caryn's Smiles began...


17 Mar 2014

Yesterday was a deluge in Atlanta! I was depressed for several reasons. The biggest was I HAD to run (marathon a week away) and I did not want to run in cold, windy, rain. The second is I wanted to test out "Operation Caryn's Smiles" and this required other people to be at the track as well. I thought that was highly unlikely in the rain.  READ MORE