Rumor is you want to be part of a culture change!  You want to tell others, "You CAN do it!" and you want to help them get there. You want to Be BRAVE, Be BADASS! Well, welcome to the team!  

What do you do now?

Step One: Sign the Caryn's Smiles Pledge


Step Two: Spread the word.  Invite your friends, team, colleagues, and fellow athletes.

Step Three: Stay UP TO DATE on events, motivational stories, and opportunities to volunteer 

Step Four: Live the MISSION - Be BRAVE, Be BADASS

  • Be a source of ENCOURAGEMENT to others

  • SMILE at others when you run, bike, swim, walk, lift weights, practice karate, etc.

  • HELP newbies learn the ropes.  We are all in this together.  Share your secrets, lessons, and passion for exercise.


  • SHARE your journey with others to let them know you weren't always an EnduredGirl/Guy Badass Team Member

Step Five:  Share your story with us.  Let us know that this is making a difference and we should keep it going!  Email us at and tell us how being a part of the team made a difference in your life or the lives of others.

Step Six:  Live BADASS everyday!

Welcome To The TEAM!!!

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