Dennis W. Black

Strategic Advisor

BADASS Sultan of Motivational Swagg

Dennis founded UberFin, LLC in 2014 and serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Head of Consulting. He brings 16 years’ of experience in complex financial strategy and consulting from a career serving Individuals, Family Offices, and Small to Medium sized Companies.  His expertise encompasses financial consulting, asset and liability management, loan structure & origination / renegotiation, insurance strategies, and forensic finance. His clientele has consisted of Ultra High Net Worth Families, Owners of Small to Medium sized businesses, Government Contractors, Centa-Millionares, and Billionaire CEO’s of publicly traded companies. When asked what he does, he often jokes that he is a, “Physician of Finance”. A nickname that relays his aptitude in relatively all areas of effective deployment, leverage, and protection of capital. 

After retiring from Private Banking and Investment Management in 2012, Dennis took a step back from the corporate world to focus on, research, and develop strategies for Clients in what has now become one of the most challenging and arduous areas for companies to deal with: Group Healthcare and Employee Benefits. A native son of Georgia, he grew up in Griffin, and graduated from Griffin High School. After High School he attended Gordon College and received an Associate’s degree in Biological Science. Dennis continued his education at Berry College in Rome, GA receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics with a Minor in Philosophy. He was a student athlete at Berry representing his Alma Matter on their tennis team that was ranked within the top 20 in the nation for the three years that he attended school there. He continues to compete at a high level within The United States Tennis Association (USTA) and is an avid golfer who jokes about constantly trying to find excuses to “work on his scoring handicap”. Dennis currently resides in Edmond, Oklahoma with his beautiful wife Magan and his three young sons. 

The above bio is the superficial outline of the person most people know as Dennis W. Black. For those of you being introduced to him on this site…here is what you need to know about him and why he is a part of this board. 

The individual you read about above that seems so “put together” was brought to his knees…where he could have just laid down…but he made a conscious decision, with MOTIVATION & INSPIRATION, to conquer his challenges.

After suffering from “walking pneumonia” for two years, gaining 50lbs from all the steroids and medications being pumped into him, and losing his ability to compete in tennis, he began to break. It wasn’t just losing the ability to play tennis, which was his utmost passion, it was not being able to run ½ of 1 mile in 9 minutes without passing out. It was the embarrassment of being 50lbs overweight and continually self-conscious about it. When he looked in the mirror he saw someone he didn’t even recognize. That was when depression presented itself acting as a formidable mental ally assaulting his mind when the physical condition was already plaguing him. There came a day though when he reaffirmed that “defeat” was not a word that would define him.  In his own words Dennis has written the following:

“If asked what was the toughest trial that I have ever conquered, I would cite the battle to return to competitive tennis and overcome the depression that continually kept telling me to ‘just give up, you will never play again’. My war against these lies began after hearing Words of Encouragement, that I felt in that moment, were being spoken directly to me that called to duty an inner warrior I never knew existed. The encouraging words came while watching Jimmy V’s 1993 ESPY acceptance speech as he was dying of cancer. Those words, that encouragement, at that moment, tattooed the words that this historic coach lived his life by, ‘Don’t Give Up…Don’t EVER give up!’ on this new warrior’s heart. I never looked back. I never again believed the lies. It was not easy, there were days I collapsed, but I always got back up. Hurt or crying, screaming or even passing out from fatigue…I WOULD NOT BE STOPPED. I exceeded what my physical and mental enemies tried to convince me that I could never do."  

This was when my spirit was transformed and I actually felt BADASS. Dennis is honored and humbled to be a part of this team of extraordinary individuals. He will be contributing to the Board as a Strategic Advisor in financial matters, fundraising, and working in any way he is called upon to motivate individuals that they are NEVER out of the fight.  That they can achieve their goals no matter how small or grand.   ​​

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