David Rivera

​Mentor - Coach - Trainer - Duathlete - Beach Bum

"Trust The Process" 

Spiderman is my Super Hero

David is a personal trainer with 10 years experience as an allied health care professional collaborating with physicians to provide management, prevention, recognition and rehabilitation of orthopedic conditions. David has a degree in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training from Valdosta State University. His passion is endurance sports and has completed several marathons, triathlons and Ironman events.  

David played competitive soccer in highschool and college. After years of focusing on his own athletes, he realized how badly he had neglected his own health. Tipping the scale at just over 250 lbs, and no longer exemplifying the qualifications he possessed, David sought to gain control. He also witnessed the long term effects bad habits and a sedentary lifestyle had on his family with Cancer and Heart Disease. From that day on David has committed himself to helping others beat the daily struggle and TeamEndured has presented itself as the perfect platform.  

David is ready to help those looking to make lifestyle changes, break self imposed limits, and commit to the progression of mind, body, and spirit. He uses his educational background, work and personal experience, and philosophy to enhance the health and wellness of individuals at all levels. He believes in a Holistic approach to fitness where diet and mental focus is a very critical component to how the body adapts. Our bodies have all the resilience and tools needed to not only prevent but reverse most conditions caused by bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, and obesity.

David found in TeamEndured a network of people committed to change, investing in their health, and working together to empower each other with motivation. A team that gives each other tough love when needed, provides support, and keeps each other focused. He fuels off of others so bring your A game!  Go TeamEndured!

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Look who is in Issue 5 of Atlanta MultiSports Magazine​! Our very own David Rivera​ of Functional Fitness Personal Training LLC​ and also on the board of TeamEndured.  He looks badass in his kit and in his casual attire.  

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