Caryn Ridenour 

Operation Caryn's Smiles Secret Agent Catching "BADASS INCLUSION" In Action

Caryn was the inspiration for Operation Caryn's Smiles.  Despite repetitive obstacles she refuses to give up! She is a preschool teacher who had all but given up on exercise, losing weight, and getting in shape. After struggling all of her adult life with her weight, and many health related obstacles, she felt intimidated by exercise and other athletes. She is forever thankful to TeamEndured because they have inspired and encouraged her to try it again. She hopes that through her struggles and her fight that she can inspire others to #BeBraveBeBadass and to know that it is never too late to get it right. She looks forward to seeing what the future holds and hopes to one day have her try at a triathalon.  

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"My Brave and Badass Journey". 

Caryn is TeamEndured's resident Secret Agent catching people in the act of "BADASS INCLUSION"!  If you see someone who embodies the Operation Caryn's Smile mission then let her know so that we can give a big shout out!

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