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Angela Gill Nelms 

Founder, Web Designer, and Social Media Maniac

A wife, mother, engineer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and triathlete bringing diversity to BADASS! Angela started this journey when she thought it would be a "good ideato race the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon on the Challenged Athletes Foundation Team as her third triathlon...EVER. Months passed and a new vision was born.

Why did Angela start TeamEndured?  

​After completing her first half-marathon she finally said, “I am a runner”. That was pretty cool to say and she believed most of her friends already assumed that was the case. The fact is, however, she used to HATE to run. Read Angela's story on how she went from "I hate running" to "I will NEVER run a marathon" to finishing her first of many marathons HERE.  

With the Twin Cities Marathon under her belt she felt it was time to turn racing into less about HER and more about helping others.  This led her to start blogging on Facebook as "Angela's Road To Alcatraz" after blindly registering for a race apparently many fear and list as their 'Bucket List Race'. Who knew? She just wanted to raise money for a worthy cause! Over the months of training she was blessed by some awesome people who encouraged and motivated her. She also observed a lot of elitism and negativity in the sport that frustrated her. Being completely incapable of letting sleeping bears lie Angela decided it was time for a change.

Angela has since finished her first iron distance race and has many more planned for her future. Her former fear of cycling has been replaced by a love for her time on two wheels. She hopes that TeamEndured will help others overcome their obstacles, fears, bitterness, elitist views, and help create a safe community of individuals dedicated to encouraging each other each step of their own #BeBraveBeBadass journey.

When Angela is not riding at Silk Sheets, trying to survive "Sharks and Minnows" at Emory Master's Swim, or sitting in her car commuting 130 miles a day to and from work, she is the mother of Reanna, SmilesGirl, and very lucky wife to Will.  She graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as a single mother, with a bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2007. Angela spent 7 years as a Field Clinical Engineer at Medtronic and now works in Electrophysiology Clinical Research at the Emory University School of Medicine. She loves her work with heart patients and finds great joy in participating in improving their quality of life through the testing and development of advanced medical devices and therapies.

Angela is an avid audiobook 'reader' with a focus on inspirational stories and autobiographies. She loves to smile when she races because she loves to race. Her favorite race songs are, "Lose Yourself", "Stronger", and "Hall of Fame". Her favorite mantra is "Be Brave. Be Badass." and favorite quotes are "Anything worth doing is worth doing well" and "If it were easy then everyone would do it".  ​

​Angela races for Team Podium and occasionally blogs when she isn't on Facebook or fixing this website. ​If you find a website or Facebook mistake - HELP A SISTER OUT - by letting her know!

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