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TeamEndured's mission is to use COURAGE, DETERMINATION, and PERSEVERANCE to encourage fellow athletes, foster an inclusive environment, and together conquer the once "impossible".

​TeamEndured is not one person but rather a team with a specific inclusive state of mind.  

We do not believe that anyone is too slow, overweight, old, poor, etc. to #BeBraveBeBadass everyday. ​We encourage athletes of ALL levels to focus on using exercise (walking, running, swimming, biking, golf, tennis, CrossFit, yoga, etc.) to improve their quality of life, help each other, and inspire the next generation. 

We are NOT a replacement for exercise clubs, teams, and Facebook groups.  We are NOT trying to beat out the latest blogger with a great story.  We ARE a team focused on spreading a culture overflowing with smiles and high fives! We ARE committed to providing helpful information, relevant articles, links to AMAZING Blogs with AMAZING motivational stories, and tips/tricks to assist athletes in reaching their goals.  

We are here to HELP everyone live #BeBraveBeBadass every single day.​

Operation Cayrn's Smiles centers around encouraging current athletes to give high fives, encouragement, and huge smiles to new athletes. An attempt to create a more inclusive world of exercise by welcoming "newbies" to their new lifestyle.  Be a part of the change for a better future for everyone and tell a new athlete how BADASS they are NOW! This is basically an anti bullying - BE BADASS campaign.  

Take the Caryn's Smiles Pledge and Join TeamEndured to commit to living #BeBraveBeBadass everyday.

It is our goal to be a resource for all athletes, beginners and experts, to share tips, tricks, and experiences in a welcoming environment.  There is no reason to "reinvent the wheel"!  If you have read or written an excellent article and would like for us to share it with others please let us know!  

Click HERE to send us a brief summary of your article to begin the submission process.

One challenge people have as they become more involved in sports is having someone around to ask questions to (do I wear underwear with my running pants?), people to cheer them on at races, people to encourage them during injuries, and people to make them feel part of a TEAM.  This is the purpose of mentoring.  If you are a mentor then you live your Caryn's Smiles Pledge by cheering your mentee on during training highs and lows and at their special events.  Make a poster.  Make them feel special.  You have the opportunity to share pitfalls you experienced when you first started. You have an opportunity to make a real difference in a sport that you LOVE!  Mentoring is a safe place to ask questions and get support!

Sponsors and fans make the impossible possible!  It is your chance to have "skin in the game" and actually make a difference!  Your sponsorship will help support athletes who receive grants based on their mission, personal commitment levels, and downright hard work.  As the sponsor you pick the area you desire your support to help fund.

If you want to sponsor TeamEndured then please email us at  We can't wait to hear your idea on how we can partner together to make a positive change.​